GLS patents are in the IoT arena and date back to May 2009. GLS patents precede the start of the IoT revolution.

    The Back Story

    GLS is a technology research company working in the field of interactive Location Based Services & Machine to Machine (IoT) devices, the company started researching location, sensing, monitoring and communication technologies in 2007 and from this technology was developed to create a world first real time luggage tracking product Bagtrakka® primarily for use with airline luggage but could be used to locate and monitor any asset.  Bagtrakka® is a matchbox sized device that is attached to luggage or other asset, enabling you to locate its exact location and situation at any given time using your phone, tablet or computer.


    This technology brought industry recognition with awards at the VentureBeat conference in San Francisco in July 2011:


    GLS were also finalists in the international M2M SIM Technology Innovation Awards Symposium in Kuala Lumpur in 2011 for its use of short message protocols through signalling channels.

     These aims were achieved using sensors to monitor a number of parameters to determine aircraft and local environmental status. When certain parameters are breached the device will automatically switch between modes including switch off radio capabilities before take-off and after landing switch radio capabilities on again. Also, where appropriate to switch lights or audio on and off and to switch into low energy consumption mode. Our technology has the ability to sense and monitor a number of changes taking place in the proximity of the monitored object and make decisions and take actions based on that sensed information. Sensed information includes location.  This technology can also communicate sensed information to a computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch etc.

    Our technology is fundamental to the building blocks needed for the future of IoT, Location Based technologies incorporating sensors, intelligence and proximity and associated wireless communication techniques covering existing and future devices and objects in many different market segments.  E.G. smartphones, hand held devices, smartwatches, smart-cars (connected vehicles) etc.

    GLS are currently researching follow-on technology for use in another high profile IoT area.

    GLS patents are available for sale and may interest companies working in many areas of LBS, IoT technology.

    Interested parties can get further Information on GLS patents by contacting the company at: info@global-locating.com